Thursday, 19 January 2012

At the Breast: A Child's Perspective

The womb is a calm and sacred space
I feel loved and secure in this peaceful place

But something tells me it's time to leave
My next destination, I have to believe

Will be just as safe as this place was for me
It won't be long now and I'll be able to see

I open my eyes; the world looks so bleary
After such a long journey, my body feels weary

This place is so strange, so bright and cold
Then I feel arms around me, securely take hold

There it is; that familiar voice! That smell!
My mother! At last, I know all will be well

She gently lays my head upon her soft breast
A comfortable landing; a place I can rest

Then something familiar I can feel and hear
Just a little more faint and a little less clear;

The smooth, steady rhythm of the fast-beating heart
Of my mother's strong body, which I was just a part

From my warm, safe landing, I look up at mom's face
I have not a doubt I belong in this place

There is something my body was born to expect
Her warm arms around me and to suckle at her breast

As I grow bigger and stronger, with each passing day
I like to explore and wiggle and play

Everything is so new and I often get sleepy
I get overwhelmed and then I get weepy

So mom offers her breast and suddenly I'm home
My stress melts away and I don't feel so alone

I look up at her and study her face for a while
Then break my latch so I can give her a smile

I feel her love, so tender and warm
And revel in this moment, sheltered from the storm
Now that I'm bigger, I don't nurse as much
I'm always busy running and playing and such

But at times that I'm sad or hurt or unsure
The breast is where I go to feel secure

Of the comfort and milk of mom's breast I've grown fond
But greatest of all is our heartwarming bond

One day I will not need mom's breast any longer
All the love in that milk has made me much stronger

I will grow up to be so healthy and clever
This sweet gift mom gave me will last me forever

~Lori Fletcher

Last photo credit: Jen McDougall, McBaby Photos, Prince Albert


This is so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes.
What a beautiful way of describing the wondrous gift that is breastfeeding! This poem comes straight from your heart and flies right on through to the heart of each mom having shared that sweet smile with their little ones! Perhaps, even inspiring the hearts of the moms who have yet to share that smile!
Sniffling here, too - what a sweet poem!

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